Temporary Rail Adhesion Train Equipment

The Challenge

Historical issues with leaf-fall and lack of wheel adhesion on the Piccadilly Line, leading to wheel flats which resulted in delays and disruption due to increased maintenance requirements on passenger service trains.

Our brief was to install a complete system to a passenger service train without any modification of the train structure allowing removal of the equipment after the 4-month annual leaf fall season. Whilst the equipment was temporarily installed it still had to comply with the strict requirements for loads applied in a crash scenario.

The Solution

With use of scanning and modelling techniques, we created a full 3D model of the train structure, interior panelling, seating and grabrails which allowed us to incorporate the equipment into the train using clamping methods back to the existing structure of the train.

The materials and structural parts of the equipment and train were fully defined which allowed us to perform load case simulations and analysis against the standards to ensure compliance and structural integrity.

Mock-ups of designed equipment were installed on a test rig built at our facility giving us confidence that the final installation would be quick and successful.

The short programme for delivery of this equipment presented great challenges, but with robust project management and great team working, with the project team from London Underground, we overcame the challenges presented and excelled in the design, engineering and manufacture of the equipment installed.

The Outcome

Creactive achieved delivery of the equipment and all milestones on the contract programme for design, manufacture, inspection, testing and installation of the final product. The equipment has now completed its first full operational period which contributed to a significant improvement in the delays experienced in previous years. The trains are now back in passenger service and equipment is stored in readiness for the next annual leaf-fall season.