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With years of experience in many industries including rail & transport, street furniture & lighting, food & leisure, Creactive can provide design, manufacture and consultancy services for any project.

We pride ourselves in our approach to design, engineering and manufacturing projects, working consistently as a team and involving our customers’ throughout the design development and manufacturing processes. Our track record of on time deliveries and customer feedback received shows our commitment and drive to maintain agreed programmes regardless of the resource requirement and customer support needs.

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Creactive have a long successful history working with London Underground Limited and have many other satisfied customers from various market sectors.

London Underground Limited

London Underground Limited

The Crown Estate

The Crown Estate

Urban SF

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We are currently working on a brand new website that will be full of exciting new products and showcasing our design, manufacturing and installation capabilities, including standard and bespoke product for the public realm. Watch this space as we will be launching our new site soon!



Creactive can design for, and select the most, suitable manufacturing process for components based on performance requirements and production volumes.  We have in depth practical experience of manufacturing using various processes suitable for small, medium or large production quantities.

Product Design

When we buy a product today we expect it to be reliable, we take function for granted. It is design that gives a product its major selling factors – its shape, its form and its colour. Even with functional, non-consumer products the decision to purchase is influenced by emotional responses triggered by these visual and tactile queues.

Design can make a product attractive to look at and rewarding to use. It is design that can give a product its competitive edge and perceived value in an ever more competitive marketplace.

Research & Development

Creactive Design (Engineering) Ltd. are developing innovative ideas and prototyping these on a daily basis. This has resulted in some very successful products that have been in operation over many years. Take a look at some of the products we have developed through our research and development programmes.