New Burlington Place Bronze Movable Planter

The Challenge

To design a planter assembly to pre-determined dimensions and with a specification to match an existing planter on site. The planter had to be movable for storage when not deployed within business working hours.

The Solution

Design and develop a retractable wheel system within the framework of the planter and safety braking system for safe operation. Re-using existing material to minimise scrappage and assure matching finish to the existing planter.

The development was evaluated structurally in-house using Finite Element Analysis and our structural engineer calculated overturning moments to check stability.

The Outcome

Creactive designed a bespoke solution for the movable planter which included a geared mechanism for lowering the wheel system with braked wheels for safe operation. The planter assembly included irrigation tanks for care of the soft landscaping and we were able to re-use existing bronze panels for the outer cladding on the planter.

Once completed and installed on site it was clear that the objective of matching the specifications was achieved and the client was happy with the final product.