Groundwater Sampling Pump

The Challenge

In-Situ, a company specialising in environmental monitoring, wished to replace their imported ground water sampling pump with their own purpose-made product.

The Solution

Creactive were approached to develop a petrol powered inertial pump that would meet strict cost, weight and performance criteria.

The materials had to be selected to avoid any contamination with the sampled water from the test borehole and meet a very tight cost target. Performance was required to be better than any competitive product currently on the market. Flexibility in pumping performance was important which meant the design had to consider different configurations to accept and run various head requirements.

Challenges which included the sealing of the pump when fully submersed and temperature control of the motors were successfully achieved in the prototypes. Performance targets were exceeded for both flow and head measurements.

The Outcome

Whilst the existing product required two people to carry it, the new PowerPack PP1 halved the original unit weight and can now be carried on a backpack by one person.

The developed design met all cost and delivery targets.

Having designed and developed the ground water sampling pump for the Waterra, Creactive won the contract to supply them with completed products.

Creactive sourced components, suppliers, arranged manufacture of the various parts, and assembled the final products.

There are now over 1000 pumps in operation Worldwide and Creactive continue to provide maintenance spares and new units to this day.