• Waterra – Ground Water Monitoring Pump

    The Waterra Powerpack PP1 is an example of a product that Creactive have not only designed but continue to manufacture and supply in volume. The Powerpack, sold worldwide by Waterra (UK) Limited and its offices abroad, is a mechanical actuator for inertial pumps extracting water samples from bore holes up to 60 metres deep. Powered by a Honda GX25 (25cc Mini 4-Stroke OHC gasoline engine) and weighing only 13 Kg the Powerpack is compact and easily portable. The unit clips to its own harness with adjustable shoulder and waist straps. The Powerpack was designed using Creactive's in house Computer Aided Design tools. Prototypes were subjected to rigourous pre-production testing and safety assessments. Creative Design controls component procurement and closely monitors manufacturing quality in partnership with it’s approved suppliers using ISO 9001:2000 audited management systems. Every pump is fully tested, adjusted and certified by Creactive Design personnel before despatch. Customer documentation such as operating and maintenance manuals is published by Creactive Design and despatched with every pump. Creactive Design continues to support Waterra in product development projects.