• London Underground – Inter-Car Barriers

    London Underground are a company who care strongly about safety on their metro system. They were concerned about rare incidents where passengers had fallen into the gap between the carriages, so invited Creactive to produce solutions for an inter-car barrier to be fitted to their trains which would prevent further accidents of this nature. Having developed a flexible barrier solution that has proved extremely successful in preventing such incidents, Creactive then won the contract to supply the barriers for various lines. We source products from reputable suppliers, arrange manufacture and monitor quality levels. We have been an approved supplier to London Underground for over ten years.
  • Seton Line Marker

    The Line Marker was developed as an easily portable tool, with accessories neatly stored in the handle for the operator to use on site. The paint and tape versions have interchangeable heads for the different operations. The ergonomic design allows operators of any height to push the Line Marker with little effort and at any angle.  The lever on the paint marker handle allows a smooth start and finish to the paint application, as it controls the flow of paint. The paint bottles are designed to be changed with minimal mess, as they screw on and do not require refilling. The roller module is a separate disposable product, but could also be cleaned and re-used. Having designed and developed the line marker Creactive won the contract to manufacture the finished product.
  • Cabcool Spot Cooler

    Cabcool is a temperature-controlled ventilation system for train cabs which Creactive designed and developed in-house. It works by cooling a concentrated directional air stream instead of wasting energy cooling the entire cab. Only 15% of the energy required for full air conditioning is used. Following successful trials with London Underground, Cabcool has now been in operation on Victoria Line trains since 2005. An even more efficient design has since been developed and installed on the Class 319 main line rolling stock for Porterbrook and London Underground’s Circle Line.