• Waterra – Ground Water Monitoring Pump

    The Waterra Powerpack PP1 is an example of a product that Creactive have not only designed but continue to manufacture and supply in volume. The Powerpack, sold worldwide by Waterra (UK) Limited and its offices abroad, is a mechanical actuator for inertial pumps extracting water samples from bore holes up to 60 metres deep. Powered by a Honda GX25 (25cc Mini 4-Stroke OHC gasoline engine) and weighing only 13 Kg the Powerpack is compact and easily portable. The unit clips to its own harness with adjustable shoulder and waist straps. The Powerpack was designed using Creactive's in house Computer Aided Design tools. Prototypes were subjected to rigourous pre-production testing and safety assessments. Creative Design controls component procurement and closely monitors manufacturing quality in partnership with it’s approved suppliers using ISO 9001:2000 audited management systems. Every pump is fully tested, adjusted and certified by Creactive Design personnel before despatch. Customer documentation such as operating and maintenance manuals is published by Creactive Design and despatched with every pump. Creactive Design continues to support Waterra in product development projects.
  • London Underground – Central Line Carriage Ventilation

    Creactive Design invented a multivane vent to help increase the air flow through London Underground carriages. The vent was designed to fit into the upper section of a modified carriage window. Creactive Design manufactured prototypes and ran trials on a test train. The vent proved to significantly increase air change rates and velocities compared to an unmodified control carriage. Three versions of the vent were installed in several combinations to evaluate the effectiveness of the different airflow patterns they induced through the carriage. Trials showed the design could be successfully implemented in a carriage installation.
  • Eurotunnel – Simulator Carriage Refurb

    With a four week deadline, Eurotunnel required their smoke simulator carriage completely refurbished from a standard MKII coach layout to reflect more accurately vehicles used in service. Our engineering team designed a new layout and produced drawings for the interior parts to be manufactured. Our fitting team then completed the refurbishment on schedule and to the satisfaction of the client.
  • London Underground – Metro Vehicle End Panel

    Our rail vehicle engineering team recently had to improve the design of a metro's vehicles car body end panels to eliminate water ingress issues. Using laser scanning techniques the original panels were reversed engineered to ensure the new panels fitted the as built condition correctly. Full size prototypes were manufactured from our CAD data and fitted to trial the solution. After testing the design was approved for the fleet fitting of the solution.
  • RIB – Shipping & Storage Containers

    With the European sailing season approaching, Creactive were asked to design and build storage and shipping racks for RIB umpire boats for use in international regattas. Using our latest finite element analysis software, we were able to optimise the structure to keep weight to a minimum but also maintain stability for high stacking in static and dynamic situations.
  • London Underground – Metro Vehicle Window Design

    Creactive's rail vehicle engineering team developed a replacement carriage window system to meet exacting requirements and rail standards. The framed system replaced a directly bonded system which suffered a series of failures as body corrosion progressed. A full programme from concept design through to prototype manufacture was conducted.